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Recommended Reading: Clojure for the Brave and True

Friends, countrymen, and strangers lend me your ears. I have uncovered a conspiracy of terrible proportions, at the focal point of which I have no choice but to place myself. In the year 2038 Earth will be overrun by legions of extraterrestrial cyborg werewolves because of something about unix date format or whatever. The invaders' only weakness: parentheses.

That's when my future (and much better at writing) self is discovered to be the Chosen One and in humanity's last act of defiance is sent back in time under a ridiculous pseudonym. His task: to write a book about Clojure so good and so funny that I would one day read said book and be prepared to defend humanity from the imminent cyborg threat.

In other words: this book gets me. I am given no choice but to dream up wild time travel scenarios in an effort to explain how this must have happened.

OK, Seriously Now

To clear things up, I got into Clojure by starting with the book Clojure for the Brave and True by Daniel Higginbotham. The entire book is available for free online and a DRM free ebook is available for purchase. In case you have not yet noticed, let me say that I really enjoyed reading it.

Clojure for the Brave and True was the perfect format for learning Clojure: 75% example code and 100% comedy. The book is a joy to read and the examples are equally as fun. It's been some time since I've wanted to read anything substantial to learn a new programming language, but when I found Clojure I quickly realized that it wasn't anything like the other programming languages I have come to know.

Perhaps my only criticism is that I can't say I would have solved every coding problem posed by the author in the same way. At times I found the examples to feel forced or unnecessarily complex. However, every example program is as solid a tutorial device in Clojure as it is ridiculous, entertaining, and inspirational. If you don't want to go out and write Clojure after reading this book, then nothing will ever convince you!

Ok, perhaps this book isn't for everyone, but I am far too in love with it to make an objective verdict either way. The only way you'll know for yourself is if you go here and read it.

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